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Veneers Before and After

Jennifer Garner veneers before and after photo

You’re probably wondering…

  • “Why should I get veneers?”
  • “Do I really need veneers right now?”
  • “Will having veneers really fix MY smile?”

It’s stressful to go through your life, every day, self-conscious of your smile. If you’ve ever held back a smile, tried not to laugh, or practiced a “different” way to smile for photos, it’s probably time to get veneers.

If you’re like me, you’ve probably mentioned to your friends, family, and any photographer trying to tell you to “cheese” for a photo, just HOW MUCH you hate your smile. And they’ve probably said that “there’s nothing wrong your smile,” and “you shouldn’t worry about getting your teeth fixed.” Now, of course, they’re probably just being polite… but THEY have straight teeth. Because …as you eventually figure out… they had braces. Obviously, there’s something to worry about — because if there wasn’t, their parents wouldn’t have gotten them braces. $6,000 – $12,000 braces!

A good set of veneers will help you smile in photos, and just feel comfortable talking again.

Celebrity Veneers Before and After

Catherine Zetta Jones before and after veneers photo

Catherine Zetta Jones Veneers Before and After

Tom Cruise before and after veneers photo

Tom Cruise Veneers Before and After

Cristiano Ronaldo before and after veneers photo

Cristiano Ronaldo Veneers Before and After

David Beckham before and after veneers photo

David Beckham Veneers Before and After

Niall Horan before and after veneers photo

Niall Horan Veneers Before and After

LeAnn Rimes before and after veneers photo

LeAnn Rimes Veneers Before and After

Zac Efron before and after veneers photo

Zac Efron Veneers Before and After

As you can clearly see, veneers dramatically improved the smile and appearance of each celebrity pictured above. If the quality of their original smile actually didn’t matter, they wouldn’t have done anything about it. [View more photos of celebrities who have gotten dental veneers]

Unfortunately, veneers aren’t right for everyone. Please consult with a dentist (see: Where Can I Get Veneers in Cleveland?) to find out if you’re a candidate for veneers.

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